The Hi-Five Stationery Subscription

A special collection of 1canoe2 greeting cards and accessories delivered right to your doorstep.

Starting at $16.50/mo.

The Hi-Five Stationery Subscription

Never have a holiday or birthday sneak up on you again. Each month we'll send you a custom-designed package filled to the brim with...

  • 5 greeting cards (perfectly timed for upcoming holidays!)
  • Occasional surprise goodies

Your subscription will automatically renew each month, delivering a fresh batch of stationery and accessories so you can keep the Hi-Fives rolling.

Order by August 1st at 2:59 PM ET to receive this The Hi-Five Stationery Subscription.

*Free Shipping! *Small $3.00 handling fee for international shipping
  • About The Hi-Five Stationery Subscription+
    • New Hi-Five kits are revealed at 3:00pm ET on the 1st of each month.
    • Between the 1st and the 2nd of the month, choose from select add-ons to include in your box. All subscribers enjoy free shipping on add-ons. Canadian and International subscribers simply pay one handling fee.
    • The Hi-Five begins shipping on the 3rd of each month (or the following business day).
    • Sometimes life can be a little crazy for all of us. Simply take the month off and skip a month by 11:59 pm ET the day before the new kit is revealed.
    • Subscribers will be charged on the 3rd of every month. New subscribers are charged on the day their first kit ships and then the 3rd of each following month.

This month's Add-Ons

Subscribers can purchase add-ons with no additional shipping costs! Here's How it Works.

Curious about this month's kit? Take a peek below to see what's inside!

Why Subscribe?

Past Hi-Five Kits

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