Callaway County Missouri Print

Show your Callaway County pride with this 8x10 letterpress print from 1canoe2.

Can you find your town? We hand drew each town, village or hamlet and then letterpress printed the artwork in black on our 75 year old printing press in our old studio in a big red barn in the heart of Callaway County. The letterpress process is handmade, and the printing is embossed into the 100% cotton paper for a signature letterpress look and feel.

You can purchase the print unframed (it comes in a clear sleeve with a backing board) or you can support local business and get it framed at the Art House in Fulton! It is signed and numbered by the artist, Beth Snyder.

All proceeds from the sale of this print will go to the Show Me Innovation Center, a new rural business incubator project located in Fulton, Missouri.

You can also purchase the print at Well Read, at 519 Court Street, Fulton, Missouri.

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