In an effort to cut down on plastic waste, we're excited to announce that we're beginning the transition to Kard Klasps – a new way to package greeting card and envelope together with no plastic and no damage once removed! This one small step will help us eliminate thousands of plastic sleeves each year, supplying you and your customers with a 100% recyclable product. Together we can make a difference one step at a time. 

We know you probably have questions! Hopefully this will answer a few of them:

Q: When did this change to happen?
We started this transition late 2019.  The majority of cards you receive now will be packaged using the kard klasp.  Our letterpress cards will continue to be sleeved.

Q: I have price stickers, what do I do?
Place the price sticker on the back of the Kard Klasp.  There is a space big enough for a 1.25" x 1.25" sticker. 

Q: What if I strongly prefer cello sleeves?

Option 1: We can send you cello sleeves for your order, please make a note on your order that you need sleeves.  Please note that cards will still come klasped along with enough sleeves for your order as our current production timeline does not allow for us to pre-sleeve the cards for you.  You can also purchase additional sleeves for future orders here

Option 2: Should you absolutely require cards to be pre-sleeved, your order must include an overall quantity of 300 cards or more. Cards will be klasped inside the sleeve.  

Q: Why not just use the biodegradable cello?
We have looked into and talked quite a bit about this option internally. These sleeves only degrade at certain temperatures and specialized facilities, which don’t make them as ideal is one would think. We feel that the klasp is an overall better option.

Q: Won’t the cards get dirty?
We have talked with several other manufacturers who have transitioned into using this product. They have experienced minimum damage of their products, with the majority of their customers appreciating how clean the products look on their shelves. We encourage you to try them, and if you start experiencing extreme damage, we will work with you on replacements!

We know that this transition is not going to make everyone happy but we hope that the long term benefits of this will ultimately weigh out in the long run. We appreciate you!