Instagram: your go-to social media platform to get lost in beautiful, curated photos. Foodies, crafters, animal-lovers and fashionistas alike can all get their fix. So many photos are uploaded per day that it seems like you could scroll forever and never run out! So how does Instagram decide in what order you see the photos?

Until June of 2016, photos would appear chronologically, according to the time and date they were posted. But now things have changed a little. Here’s the low-down on the new algorithm:

The new Instagram algorithm personalizes your feed by monitoring how often you interact with certain accounts. For example, if you like and comment on 1canoe2 posts every day, our posts will pop up sooner than those of an account you rarely check, even if that other account posted more recently than us. When the change was announced, a lot of bloggers and business owners flipped out, thinking that they would get lost in the feed and you’d forget all about them! So, they started asking people to turn on notifications for their feed, so that every time they uploaded a photo, you would get an alert. Either directly interacting with your favorite brands and bloggers or turning on notifications works! It’s all about preference.

Now that you know how it works, take control of your Instagram profile and make sure you're seeing all of our posts @1canoe2!

:: Claire The Intern ::

I grew up in California, in Palo Alto to be exact, and spent my weekends and summers in Santa Cruz–just over the mountains and through the woods. My grandparents lived on Seabright Beach, the sound of the ocean a constant soundtrack to daily life. Their house had the oldest living Cypress tree in the neighborhood; when it died it had to be removed by the city because if it fell, it would have taken out almost an entire block with its huge canopy. Their house was also where many of the neighbors congregated in the early evening for a cocktail (or attitude adjustment, as my grandma used to say). I can still hear the clinking of ice in glass as Roberta, from the corner house on the street, would come into the living room.

Many of the people who owned the houses on the street lived in Stockton, Ca (inland about 3 hours away, near Sacramento) but would all vacation in Santa Cruz. However, my grandparents lived there year-round, raising their kids and taking care of my great-grandparents. Their house was home base, their door always open to receive guests. When you walked in, you felt safe, loved, and part of the community. Years later when my grandparents were nearing the ends of their lives, the house started to fall apart bit by bit. And yet, none of us noticed it because their light shone so brightly, it masked the reality of a house needing repair.

When my grandparents died, they left their house to me and I still own it today. While I don’t get to live in it year-round as they did, I get to vacation there, when it works for me, my husband, and our two small children. My kids get to climb the same twisting staircase, bathe in the same enormous claw foot tub, and feel the same love that enveloped four previous generations of children. They didn’t get to meet my grandparents, but the fact that they get to be in that house means they know who my grandparents were: kind, funny, caring, loving. The house exudes it.

The Seabright neighborhood is filled with cute houses: each one is a different color with gingerbread details on old Victorians, all made of wood, odd but with cute details on porches, funny little windows, tiny garages, and so many succulents and beautiful flowers trailing over entryways. While many new families have moved into the neighborhood, there are several of us who still have ties to the original families who owned houses by the beach. Several of us still refer to the houses by the last name of the family living there in the 1960’s. The Moultons’ house will always be the Moultons’, Charlie Miller’s house will always be Charlie’s house.

My children scurry down to the beach just as I did as a child, as did my father and his cousins… My husband and I fall asleep to the sound of waves pounding on the beach just as my grandparents did. Our table seems to magically expand as a few more friends squeeze around to share a meal with us.  These dwellings are our collective home, whether our stay is measured in days or in years, and we know we will always be welcomed.

:: Kelsey ::


From a cozy California beach house to a swarming bee hive hanging high in a tree–these are the dwellings that inspired the 2017 XL Calendar. Buy yours today and have it in time for the holidays!

Mark your calendars, because the 2016 Annual Everyone Loves Pie Contest is here! 

For anyone new to our 1canoe2 family, every year we host a contest all about pies and prizes! We ask you to bake a yummy pie, take a cute photo of it (presentation does count!), and show it to us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #1canoe2lovespie.

From there, it's totally up to you! Vote for your favorite pie on the 1canoe2 Facebook page and the pie with the most votes will win a 2017 XL Dwellings Calendar plus 3 butterfly prints! Second and third places will snag a 2017 Great Adventures Calendar and an Eggs and Milk Tea Towel Set.

For inspiration, check out some tried and true recipes on our Pinterest board! We have over 52 recipes waiting to be tasted. Here are two of our favorites: 

Blue Goose Pie

Blackberry Raspberry Lattice Top Pie

blackberry raspberry

Odds are, once you start baking, you won't be able to stop! We can't wait to see what you come up with. The very first year we held this contest, a smashed, splattered, and upside down pumpkin pie was only votes away from taking first place. Anything can happen...and that's the fun of it! So if you're up for the challenge, here are all the details you need to know!

Contest Dates: November 23–November 30

How to enter:
1 ::  Bake a scrumptious pie
2 :: Upload your pie photo to the 1canoe2 Facebook page or post to your Instagram or Twitter. Just caption the photo with the recipe name and hashtag #1canoe2lovespie
3 :: Vote for your pie on the 1canoe2 Facebook page, then share so your friends can vote for you, too!
4 :: The pie with the most votes wins!

1st Place: 2017 XL Dwellings + 3 Butterfly Art Prints (Any 3 butterfly prints of your choosing, unframed)
2nd and 3rd Place: 2017 Great Adventures Wall Calendar + Eggs and Milk Tea Towel Set

Have a great time baking and a wonderful holiday. And don't forget–if you're hosting friends or family, be sure to check out our free holiday place cards to put the finishing touch on your table setting!

:: Claire the Intern ::

If there's one thing that is true about 1canoe2, it's this: we are makers. From the friendship bracelet business I started in my 4th grade desk to the vintage letterpress obsession that eventually became 1canoe2, I've always thought of business as a means to make more money for art supplies. So what could be better than a partnership with another great crafting company, American Crafts?

We've been working really hard on a top secret project. I'm not great at keeping secrets. I'M SORRY. But we have successfully kept this pretty hush hush. 

Deep breath, here it goes: We have created an entire line of crafting supplies! Including washi tape, stickers, custom paper clips, scrapbook paper, and more! It's called Hazelwood, and you'll be able to get it straight from us online, in several big crafting chains, and in your local scrapbook shop!

Here's the eye candy you've been waiting for: 

Scrapbook papers of all kinds, including this incredible wood veneer with laser etching.


Did we mention washi tape? 

This smart little journal which has pockets, a place for you pencil, and a fancy gold elastic band.

Thickers and stickers galore!

Paper clips to help you keep it together:


One of my favorite components to the set are these alphabet stamps which come in a plastic mason jar.

And this date stamp!!


These goodies will be available on our website in early December, so keep an eye out! We also have another big announcement coming in December about another DIY kit. And let's just say this: it's out of this WORLD.  Stay tuned!

:: Beth ::

The time we spent in Waco, Texas at Magnolia Market’s Silobration event was an absolute dream! We were over-the-moon excited when we received the invite to be one of the selected 36 vendors who represented states from across the country. We were with such an outstanding group of artisans who all had their specific craft and wanted to share their passion with others. Together, we all experienced the elements in the midst of three incredibly busy days.

We drove along highways full of sleepy-looking towns, open skies, isolated lakes and friendly faces. The vastness of Oklahoma and northern Texas greeted us with open arms as we made the 11-hour trek down to the lone star state.

We arrived in Waco late on Tuesday night and then spent the next morning exploring a little bit of the city. We had coffee at Common Grounds, a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, located right on the edge of Baylor’s campus.

Common Grounds is definitely at the top of our list for places to try if you’re planning to visit Waco. There were so many cozy nooks and crannies to enjoy a cup of joe with good friends! It had a lovely, eclectic atmosphere full of antique pendant lighting, velvet sofas, coo-coo clocks, iron tables, and the rich aroma of coffee grounds that are ready to awaken the morning’s clientele.

After coffee, we headed over to the Silos to do a little shopping of our own at Magnolia Market. And we’ll tell you, every detail, inside and out, is so thoughtful it almost doesn’t feel real. It was a feast for the eyes!

We spotted our tea towels sold exclusively at Magnolia!

Of course, we had to end our shopping trip with a Silobration cookie (a giant, classic chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter pieces) and a Lemon Lavender cupcake. They were absolutely delightful!

Our recipe cards at Magnolia Flour - the bakery at the Silos!

In addition to Magnolia Market and Magnolia Flour, there were also countless local food trucks that brought the taste of Waco right to the grounds! They outlined the beautiful artificial turf where visitors can come with their families to play ball, games, and dance around. There’s even a stage for live music to take place. It would be incredibly easy to spend a full day at the Silos without getting bored – mouth-watering food, amazing shopping, gardens to peruse, and openness to simply enjoy.

We spent the afternoon setting up our booth, and then as if our day couldn’t get any better, we got to meet Chip and Joanna!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday flew by from literally spending the entire three days meeting some of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. We met visitors who had traveled from all over the country to experience the magic of Silobration and locals who were thrilled to share their beloved hometown with fresh faces. The southern hospitality we experienced truly made Waco feel like a home away from home!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us. We loved meeting you!

:: Gretchen + Kate Z :: 





It's that time of year again! The leaves are falling, sweaters are being pulled out of storage, and holiday decor is filling the stores. Holiday season makes us want to tie on our aprons and start whisking up batches of Christmas cookies and pies -- but we can't eat it all by ourselves! Tis the season of giving, so why not throw a Thanksgiving or Christmas party to share the rest of those goodies? We've even got the first part covered for you. Use our free table setting place cards to provide the finishing touch to your dining room table!

There are so many different ways to jazz up a placeholder. For starters, instead of using your normal handwriting or printing out names, look up a simple calligraphy tutorial on Youtube and try your hand at it. Having a beautifully written place card automatically makes your guests feel special and cared for.

Once you've got your names written, slide your place card into one of our wood stumps to make it stand up (and stand out)! If you have a letterpress stump calendar, you've already got one stump on hand, and you can buy more right here!

If you want to make your stumps extra special, try a little DIY magic on them by using some twine to tie sprigs of holly to the outside, or roll the stumps in Hodgepodge and glitter. For a slightly more rugged feel, you could carefully tear the placecard edges. If you want to go all out, use chalkboard paint to cover the front of the stump and once it's dry, write your event's hashtag on it. 

Maybe you're thinking of moving beyond just decorating the table and sprucing up your entire kitchen. These place cards are designed to match some of our other holiday favorites. Collect a couple and your decor will coordinate perfectly.

With so many options available, you might have to throw multiple parties! Now that you've got a few ideas, click here to print the free template. 

Happy crafting!

:: Claire the Intern ::

You've probably heard the 1canoe2 story before. In 2009, two childhood friends purchased their first full-size press and a business was born. A business that represents a spirit of kinship, heartland roots, and memories of canoe trips and campfires along Missouri streams with "one canoe, two girls." As the business and staff grew, 1canoe2 made their home in a little red barn in the middle of a corn field.

Three fun years were spent in that cozy barn before it was time to find a bigger space. The walls were about to burst at the seams! In May 2016, the ladies of 1canoe2 packed up their desks and moved to the "bustling" town of Fulton, Missouri! 

And that's where I come along. As a Summer 2016 1canoe2 marketing intern, I commute from Columbia to Fulton every day. Before I arrived on the first day, all I knew about Fulton was that it was tiny (and that ain't wrong)! I have been pleasantly surprised by this little town and its community. You can't walk down the street without someone saying hello, and you almost expect to see Andy Griffith and Barney Fife as you step into Sault's Drug Store. 

At 1canoe2, we frequent several Fulton shops and restaurants on the regular, however, since we moved in so recently, we haven't had much time to explore, so Michaela (my fellow intern) and I went to see what we've been missing out on.

One of our neighbors has the prettiest building, and we love the painted sign!

Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza has super yummy authentic Brooklyn-style pizza and their lunch special is a 1canoe2 favorite.

Beks is an amazing restaurant a little ways down from our office. It has a stunning modern layout, but maintains an almost Celtic vibe with their pub.
On the way to Beks, we ran into two of our favorite 1canoe2ers, Kate and Haley!
Although they weren't in use when we stopped by, the upper levels are also beautiful!

Saults Drug Store

Saults is your one-stop-shop for snacks, drinks, and delicious ice cream. You can get bags of popcorn and fountain sodas on the cheap! 

Michaela enjoying her Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!
So many options!!

We head out to Lulu's once a week. Okay, maybe every few days. Fine, we go most days. But can you blame us?! Froyo is always the way to go.
Historic Sights

Fulton is quite a historic town, and we love to see these old buildings (as well as the other pretty homes the city has to offer!) 

We found this super cool bell outside of a local church.
The Callaway County Courthouse is right across the street from our office!


And then of course... there's our place!
While the #BarntoBank renovations are happening, this is our happy little temporary office!

#barntobank is making serious strides!
Here are a few photos of what's going on inside!

The vault!
Beautiful tin ceiling.

Check out more photos in our recent blog post, and follow along with the renovations by searching #BarntoBank on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

So it turns out that small towns are our jam. If you're ever in the area, pop in to Fulton and say hi! We'll be opening our very own storefront (Eeee!) in the fall and we can't wait to see everyone!

:: Claire the Intern ::

Let's face can be hard. And confusing. And, at times, just downright intimidating. Everyone needs an encouraging word from time to time, so we decided we'd take a stab at giving some of our best business and life advice. Enjoy!

"It took me a long time to figure out that you shouldn't wait to be yourself around people and coworkers -- it is too exhausting to hide your true colors. It is also good to remember that you are not always going to agree with everyone. It is important to be respectful of others' beliefs and sometimes just agree to disagree and continue to have open dialogue. It is not worth fighting over things just to be able to say you are right." – Kate G.

"My voice is important, and I don't think I knew that when I was younger, so I feel a lot more confident saying what I think, but making sure to couch it in a way that is more gentle, rather than just word vomit. Have confidence in your ideas and your thoughts because they're important.

Wear whatever you want. If you are uncomfortable, you will lose that confidence, and that's the thing that makes people kind of go "huh?". Instead of how you look it's what you're projecting, so if you feel good and confident, you will look good and confident." – Kelsey

"Don't worry about what other people think. If you're so hung up on what everybody else thinks, it's gonna distract you from being yourself, and you'll kind of float around for a while, worrying about making everybody else happy in the world, in the environment around you, and you'll lose touch with who you are and it'll take longer to find out who you are. So just truly be yourself, especially if you're on the road to being a good, positive person, and that will give you self-confidence that will naturally come about. Don't be afraid to poke fun at yourself a little bit for your insecurities, because that also lets everybody know that you're not a threat when you talk to them. That drops people's walls down and they'll open up to you to a whole world of conversation." – Jake (honorary 1canoe2er, pro beard-grower and stellar carpenter!)

"The most important thing that I missed is that I should be confident in who I am in and my skills, because that will take you further than anything. Don't let the fear of failing dull your life or hold you back. Don't always be the nice guy and let others seize those opportunities that come along. Believe in yourself and know that you are just as important and worth it and you should not hold back. Try to go after what you want in life. Go after what makes you happy and completely disregard whatever people will think or might say because what is most important is your own happiness and self worth, and I would just say at the end to challenge yourself every day. Challenge yourself to learn, to be a better person, and live life to the fullest." – Crystal

"I think that my best life advice is to not worry about being weird. Just be comfortable in your own skin. Embrace it and take the things that make you unique and just run with it." – Beth 

"I think it's really important to take the time to decide what you want to do. I think that whenever you first graduate college you're like "I am a Psych major. That means I can do this, and only this." But I think it's really important to not box yourself in and explore other options that you might think better suit your interest because you might be surprised. A good life skill is how to market yourself so make sure that when you interview for whatever job make sure you do your homework, your research, and tailor yourself to that company to make yourself appealing." – Angela

"I'd tell myself to be good to the people around you. No one has it all figured out and it's better to be lost together than alone. And an act of kindness goes a long way." –Liz

"I have three main points: the first is to be willing to be surprised. I was always very adamant on life looking a certain way and it had to be my way and I didn't allow possibility for any other options. I really wish I would've been more open to multiple possibilities even if it doesn't always seem like it's amazing at the forefront. You're not supposed to peak whenever you're 21, 22, and I just thought I would, and whenever I didn't I was so ashamed and I felt like such a failure and that's not how it should be at all. Enjoy the journey, let life be life, and be willing to be surprised because that's so much more fun and so much more fluid and organic anyway.

2. Kindness matters so much. One thing I noticed through different employers I had is that kindness is actually really hard to find and it's all about how you treat people. That's what matters -- that's what people will remember is how you made them feel and did you go above and beyond in treating them like people, or were you just in a hurry to get your work done?

3. Work hard, but not at the expense of losing yourself. Working hard is very important. You should always give your all in whatever you're doing. But I think there were times when I definitely lost myself in what I was doing and I let it takeover my life. I know where I was coming from. I was very driven and I wanted to do my best and this was my best but I didn't make many memories along the way. There were times when I became a shell of a person because I was just so stressed with what I was doing rather than having a proper balance in life." – Gretchen

"I wish that I would have started to get to know not only the business world and how the people around me function best, but also myself and how I function best. I wish I would have realized at a younger age that when I go into a job I have a lot of control over how I'm managed and how others around the office interact with me. You don't just have to go in and your manager treats you one way and one way only -- you kind of get to shape that relationship. But the catch is, you can't start to shape it until you realize: this is how I work, this is when I'm most productive. Do I really like being around people or do I like being by myself? Do I respond best to bullet points or paragraphs of details? Answering questions like these will help you define your boundaries, which is super important. No one will respect your boundaries unless you know and respect them.

When I was an intern, I was really eager to please everybody, which is great. Work hard and please the people that you're working for. But now being on the flip side of that where I'm the one doing the managing, I think I would tell my younger self to not let that desire to please interfere with taking risks and being a self-starter. Present an idea to your manager before they even realize that they need it. That's a huge help. Doing what your told is great, but creating work without being told is what will really make you stand out against the rest." – Haley

"I feel like a lot of my advice has to do with being afraid. DON'T be afraid. Don't be afraid to be different. Everybody's different. I tend to be an introvert, and so I always felt like there was something wrong with me. But along the way you learn that everybody has different personalities and that's okay. Be who you are and work to your strengths.

Also, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Everybody screws up. Don't try to be a perfectionist. If you make a mistake, own it, fix it, and then it'll be good. Don't be afraid to do different things just because you have an education in this or this is what your degree is in. Don't be afraid to learn something or do something different if you feel lead to go that way. Work hard and be nice to people." – Janel

What life advice would you give to your past self? Comment and let us know!

:: Claire the Intern ::

It's been a busy summer over here, so we wanted to give you guys a quick peek at what's been going on at the bank. And don't forget to follow #barntobank on all of our social media to stay updated on the process. Enjoy!

Court Street... where all the action takes place.

Demolition is a messy process.

But we found some pretty awesome treasures in the process!

History covers these walls... and ceiling!

And the view of our little town doesn't hurt, either.

And here's some bonus photos of just a couple of the brave souls who are tackling this project!

Told you it's a dirty process!

Once these walls are finally done, we can't wait to start DECORATING! We'll surely hang up a few of our art prints, but the rest is still up in the air! Any interior decorators? Comment with some fresh ideas!

Thanks for checking in! Have a great week, and keep checking back with #barntobank!

:: Michaela the Intern ::

{Without You Spots | Featured in the Pen Pal Collection!}

When’s the last time you sent someone a letter? Not an email or a sticky note pressed onto their door – I’m talking about good, old-fashioned snail mail. Do you remember how it feels to pick it out, wield your favorite pen, and to pour your thoughts into that card? Unlike electronic communication, the limited space makes each word precious, and when you pull that long-awaited response out of the mailbox, nothing feels better than seeing your loved one’s familiar handwriting spelling out your name.

When you take the time to participate in a written conversation, you start an ongoing relationship that no email chain can replace. Here at 1canoe2, we miss that tangible exchange, and we want to bring it back! Here’s the game plan: 

  1. Pick a pen pal. It can be your grandma, your best friend, or someone you’ve lost touch with – it’s completely up to you.
  2. Break out your favorite card. Write your pal at least once each month. We will send out a prompt every month for inspiration, but you’re more than welcome to start a different conversation!
  3. Share your wisdom. Is there a line in the letter that just speaks to you? Or maybe the envelope is too pretty to keep to yourself? We’d like to see! Tag your favorite pen pal moments on social media with #1c2penpal and we’ll do the same. You may just get some free swag out of the deal ;)

{Bushel and a Peck}

If you’re feeling stressed, don’t be! We’ve got you covered with five easy tips to handwriting letters, brought to you by an honorary 1canoe2er, Whitney. She's pretty much the best, and she gives stellar advice on how to love others with a full heart. In fact, Whitney is the pen pal of our Creative Marketing Director, Haley!

Ready to get going?! Here’s your first prompt: Pick a pen pal and write them a catch-up note to get yourself started. Fill them in on the pen pal details, or just direct them here to get them up to speed. And guess can even choose US as your pen pal! Send the 1canoe2 crew some love and we'll do our best to answer your letters. You can send mail to:

1canoe2 Pen Pal
413 Court Street
Fulton, MO 65251

Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re gonna need some new cards! Well, my friend, you are in luck! Use the code 1C2PENPAL to get 10% off the Pen Pal Collection.

Thanks for joining in the pen pal movement!

:: Claire the Intern ::