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August 21, 2017

Our little town has been abuzz with talk of today's total solar eclipse and it's finally almost here! Fulton is fortunate enough to be located in the very heart of the viewing path so the entire town is charged with a special note of excitement this morning. Hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to Missouri to catch a glimpse of the rare event, and local businesses have been scurrying to be ready. 

As for us, we've had our noses in our sketchbooks the past couple months as we get ready to launch our latest line of new products (which make their debut later this week)! It's been a busy couple of weeks, so we're definitely ready to relax and join in on the festivities.

Check out the list below for a few of our favorite eclipse articles and links to local events!

Solar eclipse 2017: Everything you need to know

5 safe ways to view the eclipse

25 facts about the 2017 solar eclipse

Eclipse to-do list

The best solar eclipse is a century

Is your Missouri city in the viewing path? Find out!

See the eclipse from anywhere in the US (TIME animation)

NASA events, resources and broadcasts

Animal behavior may change during the how!

Unusual things that happen with a total solar eclipse

Fulton, Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

Have fun out there!!

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