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People Who Make the World Go Round {The Mailman}

June 27, 2017

The mailman. WHAT would we do without our mailman?!

Our “People Who Make the World Go Round” project would be incomplete without a big shout out to our favorite mailmen, Gary and Mason! The mail is very important to us – not only because we can use it to send greeting cards and thank you notes to all our favorite people (we are in the stationery business!), but also because we use it every day to send retail and wholesale orders to all of our customers. We literally would not be in business without the postal service, and Gary and Mason, and their diligence and faithfulness in picking up our packages every single day. And, man oh man, some days we have a mountain of packages. Especially during those busy times of year, like around the holidays. They always show up with a smile on their face and the willingness to bend over backward to help us out.

Thanks, guys! You make our world go round!

National Postal Worker Day is this Saturday (July 1st), giving us all the perfect opportunity for an act of kindness. Let's spread some love! Maybe you could do something a little special for your mailman, or your UPS delivery guy, or the nice lady that works at the post office. They will surely appreciate it, and we designed a free thank you card to make it super easy! Simply save the card to your computer, print and share!


We can’t wait to see how you thank your mailman!

:: 1canoe2 Crew ::

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