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Mail giant Easter Eggs!

March 12, 2018

Hey all! I'm just too excited about this not to do a quick blog post. Check out what you can send through the mail!! 

No box necessary...the mailman will actually be delivering GIANT Easter eggs (stuffed with stickers, books and bath bombs) to my two adorable nieces and their parents.

Here's how to send your own:

1. Hunt for eggs. I found these brightly colored eggs at Hobby Lobby for bout $7. They come as a nested pack of 3 and are made out of hard plastic. Michaels also has some super cute pastel colors with speckles, but they run for $20 so I opted for the cheaper choice.

2. Decorate. Write both the "To" and "From" addresses directly on the egg, and then leave some empty room for shipping stickers. I used embossing powder and a heat gun to decorate mine, which you can get on Amazon or Hobby Lobby. 

You can also use a sharpie, but be sure to put clear packing tape over the writing so it doesn't rub off in the mail!

3. Stuff with Easter goodies! I packed mine with stickers and accessories from the 1canoe2 Easter Basket Collection, and then added some bath bombs, books, and...of course...a little candy!

4. Tape it shut.
The eggs from Hobby Lobby twist and click shut, but they're still pretty easy to pop open. Put a couple layers of packing tape over the seam just to be sure it makes it in one piece.

And you're set to send!!

Happy mailing, friends :)

:: Haley, 1canoe2 Artist + Creative Marketing Director ::

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