Little Notes

I have only a few rules for what size purse I carry: it has to be able to fit a book, my wallet & keys, and several small notebooks.

I bring notebooks for my kids to draw in wherever we go. That way we’re always able to keep busy if we’re waiting for a meal, for an appointment, or taking a quick break on a hike. They both have their own personal styles and do not like to share notebooks, so I have to make sure I have one for each of them at all times.

These are my current go to notebooks.

The size is perfect (I can fit them in my bag easily) and they each come with their own pencil, secured with tight fitting elastic so it doesn’t get lost.

The 9-year-old loves the gridded lines on the inside of hers because, as she said, she can use it as a science notebook as well as a sketchbook.

My 5-year-old couldn’t care less about the lines in his… he just wants to draw on everything. And because his notebook has lines on one side and is blank on the other, he gets the best of both worlds.

And don’t worry, I kept one for myself with blank pages, which I’m using when I have down time to work on some blind contours.

Little notebooks have long been the constant companion of writers, artists, scientists, and anyone with an observant eye or thoughtful mind - carry one yourself and see where it takes you.

:: Kelsey, the 1canoe2 Queen of all things customer service ::

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