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Classroom Valentines

February 12, 2018

When I was a kid, making valentines with my aunt & cousins was a huge undertaking. We spread all of the supplies out over their dining room table and did our best not to spill glue everywhere. By the time we were done, we’d gone through the doilies, red construction paper, white glue, and pictures from magazines that we’d cut out for a special touch. Each valentine was individual, special, and sometimes trailing a feather that didn’t quite get stuck down properly.

My kids make a modified version of this- they select the colors, I cut the hearts, they decorate and write their classmates’ names. Conveniently we had a snow day the week before their valentines needed to be delivered so I didn’t feel the usual last minute panic of possibly forgetting someone on the class list! Our approach is the messier the better… but I work for a greeting card company which makes beautiful not messy cards, so I thought I’d ask the other moms at 1canoe2 what they were doing for their kiddos’ class valentines.

Jaylyn’s son loves Charlie Brown so she was thrilled when she found Charlie Brown pull-aparts at the store. They are a perfect choice for his preschool classmates.

Liz’s sons illustrated their own valentines which she then took to Kinko’s to have reproduced:

Beth also worked smarter, not harder, by scanning in her daughter’s handmade valentine and reproducing it for her classmates and friends:

Crystal’s girls will using our very own Pocket Valentines for their schoolmates! (Psst...its only $5 to download and print as many as you want!)

And what about those messy valentines made in my house? One for every classmate and even a few thrown in for former teachers:

Happy Valentine’s Day from the whole 1canoe2 crew!

:: Kelsey, 1canoe2 Customer Service Queen ::

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