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Instagram Algorithm

December 06, 2016

Instagram: your go-to social media platform to get lost in beautiful, curated photos. Foodies, crafters, animal-lovers and fashionistas alike can all get their fix. So many photos are uploaded per day that it seems like you could scroll forever and never run out! So how does Instagram decide in what order you see the photos?

Until June of 2016, photos would appear chronologically, according to the time and date they were posted. But now things have changed a little. Here’s the low-down on the new algorithm:

The new Instagram algorithm personalizes your feed by monitoring how often you interact with certain accounts. For example, if you like and comment on 1canoe2 posts every day, our posts will pop up sooner than those of an account you rarely check, even if that other account posted more recently than us. When the change was announced, a lot of bloggers and business owners flipped out, thinking that they would get lost in the feed and you’d forget all about them! So, they started asking people to turn on notifications for their feed, so that every time they uploaded a photo, you would get an alert. Either directly interacting with your favorite brands and bloggers or turning on notifications works! It’s all about preference.

Now that you know how it works, take control of your Instagram profile and make sure you're seeing all of our posts @1canoe2!

:: Claire The Intern ::

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