Downtown Fulton – Come Explore with Us!

You've probably heard the 1canoe2 story before. In 2009, two childhood friends purchased their first full-size press and a business was born. A business that represents a spirit of kinship, heartland roots, and memories of canoe trips and campfires along Missouri streams with "one canoe, two girls." As the business and staff grew, 1canoe2 made their home in a little red barn in the middle of a corn field.

Three fun years were spent in that cozy barn before it was time to find a bigger space. The walls were about to burst at the seams! In May 2016, the ladies of 1canoe2 packed up their desks and moved to the "bustling" town of Fulton, Missouri! 

And that's where I come along. As a Summer 2016 1canoe2 marketing intern, I commute from Columbia to Fulton every day. Before I arrived on the first day, all I knew about Fulton was that it was tiny (and that ain't wrong)! I have been pleasantly surprised by this little town and its community. You can't walk down the street without someone saying hello, and you almost expect to see Andy Griffith and Barney Fife as you step into Sault's Drug Store. 

At 1canoe2, we frequent several Fulton shops and restaurants on the regular, however, since we moved in so recently, we haven't had much time to explore, so Michaela (my fellow intern) and I went to see what we've been missing out on.

One of our neighbors has the prettiest building, and we love the painted sign!

Brooklyn Pizza

Brooklyn Pizza has super yummy authentic Brooklyn-style pizza and their lunch special is a 1canoe2 favorite.

Beks is an amazing restaurant a little ways down from our office. It has a stunning modern layout, but maintains an almost Celtic vibe with their pub.
On the way to Beks, we ran into two of our favorite 1canoe2ers, Kate and Haley!
Although they weren't in use when we stopped by, the upper levels are also beautiful!

Saults Drug Store

Saults is your one-stop-shop for snacks, drinks, and delicious ice cream. You can get bags of popcorn and fountain sodas on the cheap! 

Michaela enjoying her Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream!
So many options!!

We head out to Lulu's once a week. Okay, maybe every few days. Fine, we go most days. But can you blame us?! Froyo is always the way to go.
Historic Sights

Fulton is quite a historic town, and we love to see these old buildings (as well as the other pretty homes the city has to offer!) 

We found this super cool bell outside of a local church.
The Callaway County Courthouse is right across the street from our office!


And then of course... there's our place!
While the #BarntoBank renovations are happening, this is our happy little temporary office!

#barntobank is making serious strides!
Here are a few photos of what's going on inside!

The vault!
Beautiful tin ceiling.

Check out more photos in our recent blog post, and follow along with the renovations by searching #BarntoBank on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

So it turns out that small towns are our jam. If you're ever in the area, pop in to Fulton and say hi! We'll be opening our very own storefront (Eeee!) in the fall and we can't wait to see everyone!

:: Claire the Intern ::

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1canoe2 Crew
1canoe2 Crew

November 10, 2016

We are open on November 11! Our Grand Opening is from 5-8:30pm at the 1canoe2 Paperie | 413 Court Street, Fulton, MO 65251!

Claire Sandbothe
Claire Sandbothe

November 08, 2016

What’s your address? Are you open November 11? Looking forward to seeing your shop!

1canoe2 Crew
1canoe2 Crew

August 15, 2016

Oh goodness! Thank you, Martha :)

Mary Dunavant-Deloney
Mary Dunavant-Deloney

August 05, 2016

Welcome to Fulton

Batek Eyecare
Batek Eyecare

August 04, 2016

Looking good! Glad to see the New Kids on the block having fun! :) Feel free to come hang at our office sometime!



August 03, 2016

Hi. Love your blog page!! Amazing pix of our lovely downtown! You don’t need to post this but I did want to mention that your picture of “city hall” above is actually the Callaway County Courthouse. City Hall is nearby though! It would be in the next block to your right as you’re going out the front door of your business, just south of the courthouse. I hope to visit you in the store soon! Thanks for being there and for doing a great job on your renovation.

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