Tucker Prairie Fabric Box Tutorial

Hi I'm Amber, @simplelovequilts on IG! I'm a huge fan of 1canoe2 and I want to thank them so much for having me! I thought and thought of the perfect box to make for my tutorial before I came up with the one that stuck. The recipe cards on their site are simply adorable so a box displaying them in all of their loveliness was completely necessary. I can't forget to mention how their fabric along side their cards are a match made in heaven. In the end I ended up with more of a recipe card holder than a box. I had so much fun making it and hope you will as well!    

Supplies Needed:

1 FQ for Inside Fabric

1 FQ for Outer Fabric

1/2 Yard Pellon/Peltex 71F

(Ultra Firm 1-Sided Fusible)

Coordinating Colored Thread

Needle for Handstitching

Iron for fusing Peltex

Wonder Clover Clips

Optional Supplies:

Glue Stick for Basting (you can glue baste instead of using thread if you choose to)

Pearl Cotton thread for top stitching

Cutting Instructions:

You will need to cut 1 of each piece using the Pellon/Peltex. 

Outer Bottom Box:

• 2 Pattern Pieces

• Bottom: 3.25" x 6.75"

• Front: 3" x 6.75"

• Back: 5" x 6.75"

Inner Bottom Box:

• 2 Pattern Pieces

• Bottom: 3" x 6.5"

• Front: 2.75" x 6.5"

• Back: 4.75" x 6.5"

You will also need to cut your fabric using the Pellon pieces as a guide. Make sure you have at least 1/2" to 3/4" of fabric surrounding your Pellon pieces on all sides for basting. 

Making your Recipe Box:

1. Prepare your Pellon pieces. Using a clear ruler and a pen trace your rectangles and your side pattern pieces to the non-fusible side of your Pellon. Make sure you label each piece as you go, to help you remember what will go where later on. Then cut them all out.

Click here for the template!

2. Fuse your Pellon to the matching fabric pieces. 

3. Baste the fabric pieces to your Pellon. You can thread baste or glue baste. 

4. You will now start to sew together your recipe box. You will first sew together your inner box completely. With right sides facing stitch together the pieces until you have a complete box.  Now sew together your outer box.

5. Flip your outer box right side out, and keep your inner box inside out. Place your inner box inside of your outer box. Wrong sides facing.

6. Top stitch your the tops of your outer and inner box together. 

I used pearl cotton thread, but this is optional. Coordinating thread to your box fabric will look equally as nice! 

7. You're done! Now, write a recipe down and cook something yummy! :)

Or fill it with other goodies!

I hope you had fun looking through these pictures and if you are interested in making some of my other boxes you can find me on craftsy! :) Here is my pattern store link: http://www.craftsy.com/user/2330367/pattern-store?_ct=fqjjuhd-ijehu&_ctp=156212,2330367

:: Amber ::

**Many thanks to our wonderful guest blogger...such a lovely tutorial! But our partnership isn't stopping there. Together we're hosting a giveaway on Amber's Instagram! Here's the deal:

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Oh no, Stephanie! Which link are you having trouble with?

1canoe2 crew August 31, 2017

When I click the link it says the page isn’t found :(

Stephanie August 29, 2017

Would love this for my kitchen! Redoing my paint after 13 years! It’s so time!!!

Teresa Qualls February 07, 2016

What a delightful recipe box! This would make a great one of a kind wedding gift.

Vicki February 06, 2016

Love this!!

Jeannie February 05, 2016

Hello, that is such a cute idea. I have 1Canoe2 recipe cards and this would be so great!

Estela February 04, 2016

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