Gold-painted Stump Tutorial

Everything could be improved with a little gold paint. This is a super quick and easy tutorial on how to class up your wood stump! All you need is the stump from the 2016 Letterpress Stump Calendar, a paintbrush and a small amount of Liquid Leaf paint. Now usually I would show you a picture of the paint jar so you know what to look for when you’re out shopping, but it turns out that apparently I don’t know my own strength and broke the jar while I was trying to unstick the lid! Gold paint was ALL OVER my kitchen. My toaster is now gold, the blender is gold, even the crockpot fell victim to the splash. So no picture of the actual jar, but you can see it on the Michaels website right here.

The size of brush you choose depends on the level of detail you’re looking for in the final product. The bigger the brush, the less detail you’ll end up with — pretty straight forward. I would, however, recommend using a cheaper brush that you could easily live without. This gold paint is a little harder to rinse out than your typical acrylic or gauche.

Here it goes:

1. Shake the Liquid Leaf well before using.

2. Evenly coat your brush with paint. I dipped my brush straight in the need to dirty things up more than I need to, right? The paint is fairly thin but opaque so it covers very well. You should only need one coat.

3. Get to painting! Remember that there is a definite top and bottom to the stump — the top will have a nice little groove cut for the calendar.

Be sure to post your finished project to our Facebook page! We love seeing these tutorials come to life in your photos. Happy painting!

:: Haley ::

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