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Up-cycling your 2015 XL calendar

December 26, 2015

So it's almost 2016 and hopefully, you've already got your refill for our XL calendar hanger. Now what should you do with all of those beautiful florals from 2015? We print our calendars on super heavy luxury paper. It's sturdy and cuts like a dream, so it's perfect for crafty projects. Here's a craft post from 2015 New Years that actually works even better this year. Enjoy!


Like I do every new year, I woke up this first day of 2015 with a mighty craving for cute organizing tools. No better way to start the new year than with a fresh and tidy desk, right? Right. This will last approximately 15 seconds into my first day back at the office, but a girl can dream.

These pages are so big (20x30 inches) that really the up-cycling and crafting opportunities are boundless! But I thought it might be fun to make new file folders for my "new" desk.

It's so easy, that if you have the supplies on hand, it literally takes about 2 minutes to crank out your first folder. And you could make 12 or 13 folders out of the whole calendar if you want to. **UPDATE! The 2015 floral calendar is organized so you can actually make 2 floral folders out of one page! So the folder count goes up to 24 folders out of one calendar**


  • 2015 XL calendar pages
  • Xacto knife, or sharp scissors
  • Old standard file folder
  • Pen or pencil to trace

2014 version


1) Unfold and trace the old folder on top of one of the calendar pages.

2) Cut out the folder with an Xacto blade or scissors

2014 version

3) Fold the old file folder in half, and using the Xacto, lighly score the newly cut sheet in the middle so it will fold nicely.

4) Fold.

5) Make millions more! You will miraculously become organized for the whole rest of the year.

Happy 2016!!!

:: Beth ::

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