Worksgiving {Recipe Included!}

This month 1canoe2 will celebrate its second annual Worksgiving, a day to share a meal and share what we’re thankful for before we go our separate ways for family Thanksgivings.

   At the heart of this 1canoe2 tradition is Amy, our Production and Inventory Manager.  She’s small but mighty, and she loves to gather people together and celebrate the important things in life.  Last year’s first annual Worksgiving was a result of her labor of love; Amy cooked all of the food and treated us to a feast.  Her gourmet spread is still mouthwatering a year later: lemon and herb chicken, sausage, wild rice and cranberry stuffed acorn squash, homemade rolls and strawberry jam, pear and blue cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing.

   We filled our plates and sat elbow to elbow, enjoying the food and conversation. Over dessert each person was asked to share something he or she was thankful for with the team.  During that time we cheered for one another, laughed with one another, cried tears of joy and gave hugs to those facing a challenging season ahead.  What began as a somewhat cliché Thanksgiving question became a sincere time of sharing that brought us all closer together.

   Worksgiving taught us that traditions in the workplace are just as important as family traditions, rites of passage that move us forward as an organization.  The time we spend connecting face to face and being thankful for our business and the people who make it work is just as important as the weekly staff meetings, creative meetings, and operations meetings, maybe even more so. 

   We hope that in the busyness of this time of the year that you make time to break from your work to appreciate those who work with and for you.  We'd love to hear what your workplace traditions are and how you work to build a strong, supportive work community.  In the meantime, we’ll be working on pulling out our best recipes so that we can all pitch in for this year's Worksgiving meal!  Sweet potato casserole anyone?

:: Karen ::


Pumpkin-Spice Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting from Betty Crocker

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Sounds just like Amy to bring people together – what a blessing she is to all who know her. When people who work together truly care for one another it makes all the difference in how co-workers function. Your Worksgiving sounds like a tradition to be cherished. Happy Worksgiving!

Deb Love November 27, 2015

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