Pennant Banner Tutorial

Today, boys and girls, we have a little lesson about bunting. Or bannering, or flappering, or whatever you want to call these things. It's so simple you could probably figure it out, but a little prodding goes a long way toward actual production. In fact, I think those words have similar etymology. Anyway.

1> Cut yourself a cardboard template. I used a 45 degree angle on my ruler, but you could use a rectangle, star, scallop or just any old shape.

2> Assemble lots of lovely fabrics from your shameful but glorious stash of lovely fabrics. It might work well to use a charm pack precut here.

3> Use a rotary cutter (I love the blades with specialty edges) and cut out, oh, I don't know, hundreds of triangles, or hearts or whatever you're flapperizing.

4> Out of a coordinating fabric, make yourself yards upon yards of bias tape. Don't know how? It's so simple:

  1. a) Figure out how wide you want the fabric ribbon to end up being. I chose 1/2 inch in this case. Don't freak, but here comes some math --- multiply by 4.
  2. b) Cut however much you need -- 10 or 15 feet worth should be plenty. In my case I cut 30 feet worth of 2 inch strips by width of fabric (remember the math?) I sewed the seams together before ironing.
  3. c) Go to the ironing board and fold the sides of the fabric in to meet at the center folding line. AKA fold 1/2 inch in on each side.
  4. d) Fold the folded edges together so you now have a 1/2 inch ribbon with no raw edges.

**side note: you can buy a little tool to help you make bias tape, but I think it’s faster with the basic manual folding.

5> Take your shapes out and tuck the top edge into the fold of the bias tape you just made.

6> Sew endless zig-zag or other decorative stitches down the length of the bias, tucking in your shapies as you go along. No pinning or basting or other non-sense. And since you're leaving the edges raw, it doesn't have to be perfect. It will do just fine when hanging from your picnic table or over the birthday cake, or wherever you choose to festivigate.

By the way, if you're curious about the fabric I used, check out our new collection called Tucker Prairie!

Happy sewing!

:: Beth::

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Elaine Kempker
Elaine Kempker

December 03, 2015

Great job, Beth! Jenny Doan, look out!


December 02, 2015

Loved this tutorial, Beth made it simple enough even I might be able to do it — plus, humorous!! Gotta love a crafter with humor!!

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