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November 08, 2015

What a great time of year! Fall seems like a time for fresh starts, at least it does here in our part of the world. It’s a time of sweet relief from the summer heat and humidity. The crisp cool air and the bright colors of the changing leaves seems to bring a sense of energy. How perfect of a time then, to start fresh with a new blog!

Isn’t it great when you come across a book, or a place, or a person that just opens your eyes up to something that you never were aware of before? Something that is new and interesting and makes you think? Something that you really connect with? We love moments like that, and we hope that our new blog is a place where you can find some of those experiences! 

What can you expect to find here? We will be sharing pieces and parts of where we live in central Missouri. We will be bringing you things that we think are beautiful and meaningful. We will be talking about our influences, our discoveries, and the things that are shaping our world. Each of our posts will fall into one of six categories. These six different topics will help guide our thoughts:

Where do your ideas come from? What kinds of things influence you? We get these questions all the time! This is the place where we will attempt to answer those questions. The creative process is deep and complicated, often frustrating, but so beautiful!

We love to get out and see the world! From walks on local trails to trips to the other side of the globe, this is where we will tell you about places that we have explored, and maybe give you some ideas for things that you should get out and see!

There are so many important people who help make what we do possible! We have a great team and we want to tell you about how awesome they are! Here you can find features on our staff team, shops and shop owners who sell our products, and maybe even our trusty mailman who works tirelessly to get you your packages. 

What an adventure it is to run a business! We don’t claim to be experts, but gosh, we have learned a lot along the way so far. This is where we will share thoughts and tips from our experiences in growing and running a creative business. 

We are a crafty bunch, so expect some creative and fun tutorials! How should you be using that 1canoe2 designed fabric? What is a great recipe for blueberry pie? How can I re-use my XL calendar when the year is over? Be on the lookout for some great ideas from our creative team!

This is exactly what is sounds like - delicious things to look at! We are always pulling out the camera to snap shots of things and places that catch our eye. Artwork in progress. Pretty wildflowers growing on the roadside. The beautiful and sometimes overlooked parts of life.

Welcome! We’re glad you are here! We’re excited to get started, and we hope you come back often to visit and see what we have to share!

:: 1canoe2 Crew ::

P.S. If you’re looking for an old blog post, don’t worry! They’re still there. We have them all stashed away in our blog archive.

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