New Pen Pal Program!

{Without You Spots | Featured in the Pen Pal Collection!}

When’s the last time you sent someone a letter? Not an email or a sticky note pressed onto their door – I’m talking about good, old-fashioned snail mail. Do you remember how it feels to pick it out, wield your favorite pen, and to pour your thoughts into that card? Unlike electronic communication, the limited space makes each word precious, and when you pull that long-awaited response out of the mailbox, nothing feels better than seeing your loved one’s familiar handwriting spelling out your name.

When you take the time to participate in a written conversation, you start an ongoing relationship that no email chain can replace. Here at 1canoe2, we miss that tangible exchange, and we want to bring it back! Here’s the game plan: 

  1. Pick a pen pal. It can be your grandma, your best friend, or someone you’ve lost touch with – it’s completely up to you.
  2. Break out your favorite card. Write your pal at least once each month. We will send out a prompt every month for inspiration, but you’re more than welcome to start a different conversation!
  3. Share your wisdom. Is there a line in the letter that just speaks to you? Or maybe the envelope is too pretty to keep to yourself? We’d like to see! Tag your favorite pen pal moments on social media with #1c2penpal and we’ll do the same. You may just get some free swag out of the deal ;)

{Bushel and a Peck}

If you’re feeling stressed, don’t be! We’ve got you covered with five easy tips to handwriting letters, brought to you by an honorary 1canoe2er, Whitney. She's pretty much the best, and she gives stellar advice on how to love others with a full heart. In fact, Whitney is the pen pal of our Creative Marketing Director, Haley!

Ready to get going?! Here’s your first prompt: Pick a pen pal and write them a catch-up note to get yourself started. Fill them in on the pen pal details, or just direct them here to get them up to speed. And guess can even choose US as your pen pal! Send the 1canoe2 crew some love and we'll do our best to answer your letters. You can send mail to:

1canoe2 Pen Pal
413 Court Street
Fulton, MO 65251

Now I know what you’re thinking… you’re gonna need some new cards! Well, my friend, you are in luck! Use the code 1C2PENPAL to get 10% off the Pen Pal Collection.

Thanks for joining in the pen pal movement!

:: Claire the Intern ::

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I would love to write to a pen pal and get a “New Friend”… I have a rare autoimmune disease that is killing my organs. No one wants to be a friend that is sick…. my very best friend is my ? kitten, Dewey. He never leaves my side. We have been enjoying your calendar all year. My daughter in law wants me to buy her the recipe cards and box……. wishing I had someone to write to ?

Debra November 07, 2016

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