11 handy uses for our wooden berry box

One of my favorite products that I've ever designed is this little wooden berry box. We've always shown it in use for our popular Perpetual Calendar, but it's incredibly useful for so many other tasks! Check them out:

1: Childrens' Craft Basket | If you're like me, having a little person around means constant opportunities for entertainment. My six-year-old is always up for a quick little project with some washi tape, stickers, and scissors. I found this great Martha Stewart glue pen that is so great because it's no mess at all, and easy to use.

2: Desktop Organizer | This box is the perfect desktop catch-all. It's just the right size!

3: Kitchen or Tabletop Corral | We often eat our meals around our kitchen island, so I store our salt and pepper shakers and coasters in the berry box. They fit just perfectly, and could also hold napkins.

4: Washi Tape Holder | Here's the perfect place to keep all your adorable washi tapes all in one place without them rolling all over. (And if you need help adding to your washi tape stash, check out our latest designs here!) 

5: Bathroom Countertop or Makeup Organizer | My bathroom vanity can be a chaotic place, but this berry basket holds my most-used items: glasses, mascara, lip gloss, and the essential bronzer brush.

6: Correspondence Central | Keep a few notes, your favorite pen, envelopes, checkbook, and stamps all in once place...where you'll actually use them! 

7: Greeting Card Organizer | Make some cute watercolor divider tabs, and keep your greeting card file fresh and ready to go for the next occasion.

8: Fat Quarter Stash | I have a bad habit of buying little stashes of fat quarters just because I love the way they look all stacked up. This box is the perfect display for your little treasures.

9: Thread Box at the Ready | Keep all your spools neat and handy by your sewing machine.

10: Charm Square Corral | It's the perfect size to keep your charm squares and mini charms too!

11: Paint Box | It's perfect for rummaging around, looking for just the right color.

Now that you have some ideas, it's time to share the best part -- it's 50% off on our site! We can't wait to see how you use it!

:: Beth, 1canoe2 Bosslady + Owner ::

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