Dipped Strawberries


If you’re looking for a last minute (but super easy) Easter treat..these dipped strawberries are delicious!! We picked the recipe out of one of our all-time favorite cookbooks, Forest Feast. Not only does it have truly wonderful recipes, but this book is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, you guys. Watercolor illustrations, hand-lettering, beautiful photography..it’s just great.


Whitney and I thought this recipe sounded great, but it was only having three ingredients that really sold us. All you need are strawberries, brown sugar, and greek yogurt!


The cookbook says to dip your strawberries in the yogurt, but we found it easier to spread the yogurt on with a spoon. All you do is spread some greek yogurt on the end of the strawberry, and then sprinkle with brown sugar. That’s it. One thing to keep in mind if you’re making this for company: it’s not a great make-ahead dessert. The brown sugar “melts” very quickly once it touches the wet yogurt. It’s still just as delicious, they’re just not as aesthetically pleasing.


Let us know how you like them! If you’re interested in purchasing the cookbook, it’s available on our Favorite Things page. Happy Easter from the entire 1canoe2 crew!




{1canoe2 + Produce Candles} Easter Giveaway!


Easter is on the horizon! Last year, everyone here at the barn spent a fun afternoon painting eggs.†It’s an Easter tradition that we all adore..and it’s so great to keep the eggs for years and years.†



Fun traditions like this were on our minds this year when we joined up with Produce Candles to bring you an Easter giveaway! I’ll explain the giveaway details just a little further down; first I’d like to talk about the wonderfulness that is Produce Candles. You may recognize the name from our website — we include four of our favorite candles in the†Favorite Things collection.

Produce Candles is an adorable candle line based out of Charleston, SC whose entire collection is inspired by the harvest. Sweet, earthy, spicy, crisp — each element is represented and goodness do they smell delicious! They recently released some new spring and summer inspired scents like Mint, Peach and Rhubarb on their website, but my favorite so far is still the Carrot candle. It’s just so perfect for spring, and with Easter right around the corner, it was a no brainer to include in the giveaway.


Starting this Thursday {March 26} you’ll have a chance to win a gift basket filled with spring goodies like this candle. To be entered, all you have to do is go to the Produce Candle Facebook page and comment on the giveaway post with your favorite Easter tradition. That’s it! We’ll have a link on the 1canoe2 Facebook page, also, that will lead you straight where you need to go. The last day to enter is Monday, March 30 and then we’ll randomly select a lucky winner.

Bummed because you don’t have Facebook? Don’t be! You can email your name and favorite Easter tradition to promotions@1canoe2.com†to be manually entered.




So keep your eyes on our Facebook pages — and good luck!

:: Haley ::


Paper Boxes from your 2014 Calendar

Wondering what else you can do with last year’s XL wall calendar? You can make some seriously simple paper boxes, OR you can make a milk carton. Which is not as simple, but is so cute and fun, and actually not that hard.

Here’s what you do:

Draw out the template. If you want the sides to be 1 inch, draw an extra inch all the way around.


Cut out the box. You can get fancy with the outer edges which will become the top sides of the box. The cutting is something that a kiddo could do if you want them to join in the fun.


Tape the corners of the box with a pretty piece of matching washi tape.†


Voile! You’re done! You just made a cute little tray that can be used for all your little trinkets. If you measure carefully and make a plan, you could make several that all fit together for the inside of a drawer to organize little bits of precious things.


Now, for the slightly more advanced version: a Milk Carton.

First, cut out the template pattern (print from here). Just make it sized to fit the paper you want. I have a 13×19 Epson printer, so I printed this as big as I could on that. You can also take it to you local copy shop and have them blow it up, or just make a sweet little tiny version on 8.5×11 paper.

Next, cut out your paper from the template. To keep track of the scoring lines for the next step, I cut tiny little slits in the template so I’d have something to line up my ruler.


Score all of the dotted lines by running the BACK side of your exacto blade along the edge to be folded. That way you won’t run the risk of cutting clear through.


Then pre-fold all of the pieces before you glue, so you won’t be wrestling that pesky top gable fold while you have glue on your fingers. †Milk-Carton-1canoe2-side

The best glue to use is probably a glue stick, but mine were all dried up, so I had to use elmers. Just run the glue where the dotted lines are and hold in place for a few seconds.

Now you can use your milk carton for party favors, or just decoration. Personally, I’d load it up with malted milk balls, but that’s just me.



Milk Carton Pattern Thumbnail








What to do with last year’s XL calendar?


So it’s 2015 and hopefully, you’ve already got your refill for our XL calendar hanger. Now what should you do with all of the pages from 2014? †We print our calendars on super heavy luxury paper. It’s study and cuts like a dream, so it’s perfect for crafty projects.

Like I do every new year, I woke up this first day of 2015 with a mighty craving for cute organizing tools. No better way to start the new year than with a fresh and tidy desk, right? Right. †This will last approximately 15 seconds into my first day back at the office, but a girl can dream.

These pages are so big †(20×30 inches) that really the up-cycling and crafting opportunities are boundless! But I thought it might be fun to make new file folders for my “new” desk.

It’s so easy, that if you have the supplies on hand, it literally takes about 2 minutes to crank out your first folder. And you could make 12 or 13 folders out of the whole calendar if you want to.


  • 2014 XL calendar pages
  • Xacto knife, or sharp scissors
  • Old standard file folder
  • Pen or pencil to trace



1) Unfold and trace the old folder on top of one of the calendar pages.

2) Cut out the folder with an Xacto blade or scissors


3) Fold the old file folder in half, and using the Xacto, lighly score the newly cut sheet in the middle so it will fold nicely.

4) Fold.



5) Make millions more! You will miraculously become organized for the whole rest of the year.

Happy 2015!!!

People Who Make the World Go Round {Friends!}


Friends! Pals! Best Buds! What would we do without them?! Seriously.

Just think how different your life would be if you didn’t have that person who just gets you. That person who has known you forever. The person with whom you share all the inside jokes, and who always knows just what you are thinking. We rely on our friends for so much! Friends are there when you need a shoulder to cry on, when you need an honest opinion, when you need a ride to the airport, and most importantly when you need someone to celebrate with!

Who is your best pal? Your partner in crime? Who do you call first when you have good news? Who do you know will be there for you no matter what? Friends are at the center of our lives, but how often do you actually thank your amigos? Well, it’s probably time you should! You can download our free printable best pal card right here, and make it a point to let your them know just how much they mean to you!

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Waiter/Waitress}


To all of the waitresses, waiters, servers, baristas, and bartenders of the world: THANK YOU!

I never worked in the food service industry, but I know many who have. I also know that those who do are often under-appreciated. We all know its true that a great server/bartender/barista makes a meal 100% more enjoyable. It’s time to start recognizing them!

Last week we had the chance to eat at some amazing restaurants in New York City. Wow, there is so much food to eat in New York. So much good food. We hit up some of our favorite spots, and we tried some new ones as well. I can honestly say that we had excellent service everywhere. And, we took note! We left some ‘thank yous’ with our bill (and tip!) as a token of our appreciation. Because, isn’t it the best feeling to get noticed doing an excellent job? You bet it is.

Do you have a local hangout? Maybe a favorite barista who makes your coffee with a smile every morning? Maybe a waitress at the diner around the corner who knows you by name? Let them know that they are doing a fantastic job, and maybe slip them something a little extra next time.

You can click right here for a free printable of our Waiter/Waitress Thank You card. Go give it to someone who serves you with a smile! They deserve it.

(Donít forget to tag any social media with #WorldGoRoundProject and let us know how you used it!)

:: Carrie ::

Texas Troublemakin’

Earlier this summer, Beth, Haley and I made a trip to Dallas for a couple of meetings. It was a really quick trip, mostly business…except for one very unbusiness-like thing. Before we left the city we unexpectedly found ourselves standing in front of a giant wall with several cans of spray paint in hand.


While we were in Dallas we learned that there is a huge wall where graffiti is allowed, and even encouraged, and it is open to anyone who wants to display their talents. We had just a LITTLE bit of time to kill, and we were sold. †I’ve actually always wanted to spray paint something huge on a wall somewhere, so this was like a dream come true for me. We hit up the hardware store and loaded up on some colorful cans of paint.


It didn’t take us long to decide what to put on the wall…we settled on one of our most loved card designs!




We obviously need to practice our street art technique. There was some really amazing work from other artists, and it felt a little strange painting over it, but that’s how it all works.






And…all done! It was a little bit of a thrill for us to get to do this. We felt like rebels.†And, I will admit, just this little taste of the graffiti world makes me want to do it again.

*** If you are in Dallas you should check this out! It’s called the Fabrication Yard, and it’s located at 621 Fabrication Street. I’ve read that there are plans to open up other locations around the city. It’s pretty great that the city of Dallas would recognize graffiti and street art as an actual art form, and that they offer those artists a place to display their work.

:: Carrie ::

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Sitter}

photo 2

Can you believe it’s almost August? The summer is just flying by! With everyone off enjoying what’s left of summer, it’s been a quiet week in the office.†Carrie is currently spending a couple weeks camping and exploring in Alaska, and Beth is anxiously awaiting a vacation to Mt. Desert Island in Maine. As for me, I’ll be spending the weekend relaxing by the lake, feet up with book in my hand. It’s times like these that I am so thankful for my sitter!

Two of my wonderful friends will be watching my dog, Ellie, while I’m away. Laurin and Ryan have always been nothing but happy to have Ellie, and I’m positive she feels the same way! My phone is constantly blowing up with adorable pictures of Ellie having so much fun with Laurin and Ryan. Thank you, both!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.23.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.22.14 PM

We’re dedicating this month’s card to all of those people who help out while we’re away. Maybe it’s your child’s favorite babysitter, or the house sitter who is always willing to water your plants. Or maybe, like me, it’s the friends who are happy to watch your rambunctious pet.†I’m sure you have a person like this in your life, and we hope you take a little time out to let them know how much their help means to you!

You can download and print our†free fill-in-the-blank sitter card right here, and†donít forget to let us know about your favorite sitters! We love seeing pictures of our cards bringing happiness to a day. You can tag any social media with #worldgoroundproject, or send us an email about it to promotions@1canoe2.com.

:: haley ::

People Who Make the World Go Round {The Green Thumb}


The growing season is in FULL swing in our part of the world. Flowers are blooming, tomatoes are ripening, and the corn is taller than me. We love this time of year because of the lushness and wonderful things that summer brings. We also appreciate all those people who put in the time and effort to help tend gardens and mow lawns and just keep everything alive and well.

This month we are thanking all of those people in our lives who have a green thumb! Maybe it’s that person who mows your lawn, or who waters your plants while you are gone from home. Maybe it’s the person who you buy home grown veggies from at your local farmers market, or your neighbor who shares their bumper crop of zucchini with you. †Maybe it’s your local florist, or the groundskeeping crew at your favorite park.†I’m sure you have a person like this in your life, and we hope you take a little time out to let them know how much you appreciate them and the work that they do to make this time of year so wonderful!

You can download our†free printable green thumb card right here, and†donít forget to let us know about your favorite green thumb! You can tag any social media with #worldgoroundproject, or send us an email about it to promotions@1canoe2.com.